Our New Years Resolution …

We’re back. After a long break over the Summer and Winter periods we have finally found the time to reevaluate what The Makers Book Club should be doing for its members…

Last year we would choose a relevant book to read each month, and monthly meet-ups to use as a network and sounding board for anything that our members needed to talk about in regards to their creative practice and questions that arose from the book.

> > This year we’d like to make it easier for our members to get involved from a distance < <

We understand just how difficult it can be to find the time for any extra curricular activities when you work for yourself, this includes being part of a Book Club. So the easier and more enjoyable we can make it the better!

Here are our ideas (and we’d like to know your thoughts so please add comments below):

* Podcasts – Recorded during lively discussions at meet-ups, and/or one on one sessions with interesting creative entrepreneurs, covering relevant topics from the current book. Podcasts allow creatives from all over the world to tap into this resource whenever they wish.

* Webinars – Again this would be once a month with lively discussions at meet-ups and/or one on one sessions. Covering relevant topics from the current chosen book, where creatives from all over the world can join us and get involved when the Webinar is live. This is also saveable content, much like the Podcast.

* FaceBook Live – Like the Webinars we would use the same set up, however we could also maintain and widen our members base on our FaceBook Page, and it would only be accessible to our FaceBook Page followers.

Look forward to hearing your feedback, please use the comments box below…

HAPPY NEW YEAR, may it be prosperous and full of joy !!


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