Our New Years Resolution …

We’re back. After a long break over the Summer and Winter periods we have finally found the time to reevaluate what The Makers Book Club should be doing for its members…

Last year we would choose a relevant book to read each month, and monthly meet-ups to use as a network and sounding board for anything that our members needed to talk about in regards to their creative practice and questions that arose from the book.

> > This year we’d like to make it easier for our members to get involved from a distance < <

We understand just how difficult it can be to find the time for any extra curricular activities when you work for yourself, this includes being part of a Book Club. So the easier and more enjoyable we can make it the better!

Here are our ideas (and we’d like to know your thoughts so please add comments below):

* Podcasts – Recorded during lively discussions at meet-ups, and/or one on one sessions with interesting creative entrepreneurs, covering relevant topics from the current book. Podcasts allow creatives from all over the world to tap into this resource whenever they wish.

* Webinars – Again this would be once a month with lively discussions at meet-ups and/or one on one sessions. Covering relevant topics from the current chosen book, where creatives from all over the world can join us and get involved when the Webinar is live. This is also saveable content, much like the Podcast.

* FaceBook Live – Like the Webinars we would use the same set up, however we could also maintain and widen our members base on our FaceBook Page, and it would only be accessible to our FaceBook Page followers.

Look forward to hearing your feedback, please use the comments box below…

HAPPY NEW YEAR, may it be prosperous and full of joy !!


Why we make things and Why it matters – By Peter Korn

Our 3rd meet up is taking place this week on Wednesday 21st June 6:30-8:30pm at Art Hub Studios, 5-9 Creekside, SE8 4SA

Tickets at – themakersbookclub3.eventbrite.com

We will be discussing the fascinating book by Peter Korn called ‘Why we make things, and Why it matters’. It has been an immersive and thought provoking read, helping me as a self-employed creative to take stock and think about what it is that I do and why I am doing it. I have certainly had to dig a little deeper.

However it was one of the longer more complicated books that we’ve chosen so far and members are not expected to have either finished the book OR even read the book at all. As this is never obligatory to coming to a meet-up as we all have very busy lives, especially when we are running our own business 24/7 !! The idea is that it will help to lead our discussions into thought provoking topics about our creative working lives, and finding time to discuss any other topics that members wish to talk about, keeping the evening informal and friendly… Hope to see you there!!

Charlotte Yeo – founder of The Makers Book Club


Introducing The London Local Team

I recently had the opportunity to post a Blog on the London Local Teams Website telling their members about The Makers Book Club and our First Meet-Up… ONLY A WEEK AWAY!!

We have had a great response and hope to gain even more interest from their following as the Book Club grows…

This team has been a great asset to me, in creating a community of makers and designers in the vast City of London, and in organising wonderful events, such as Markets and Workshops.

I cannot thank them enough for all they have done, which is why I wish to carry on these values with The Makers Book Club and grow to be a fundamental resource for those who need it.

Read the blog post at …



Thanks for READING !

FIRST Meet-Up!

At The Makers Book Club we have been working tirelessly to bring you your first meet-up as a fully fledged Member this April. The schedule on the night is informal and chatty with discussions about the chosen book/podcast and anything else you wish to bring to the group. Nibbles and drinks will be provided to keep are energy up, (please let us know in advance if you have any allergies). We hope to get feedback at the end of the event so that we can keep improving for you.


And remember, as a Member you are not obliged to come to every/any meet-ups, Membership just allows you to book onto the events, and lets us contact you about any future meet-ups and interesting tit-bits that can help your creative business to thrive!