These lively meet ups involve a new book / podcast / ebook / lecture / seminar every month. This allows for a broad scope of topics to be looked into, such as; being self employed in London / the fundamentals of good business / biographies and autobiographies by admired artists / how to build a successful website / craft in modern society / a guide to selling at markets and exhibitions… and much much more!

These meet-ups don’t just involve discussions about the chosen “topic”, these topics are what lead the way into lively debates, going wherever it leads us, learning and networking along the way.

This is an enjoyable way to gain feedback on new ideas you have, from others who are all working in a diverse range of mediums, at different levels in their business, with different degrees of expertise in their field, and who all have a desire to develop and succeed at whatever it is they are passionate about. Each meet-up aims to be more like a social catch up with like minded people who will soon become valued associates.

Think of these meet-ups a surrogate “mentor”!

Meet-ups are currently being held at Art Hub Gallery in Deptford, however in the future we wish to include visits to members studio spaces, workshops and other interesting spaces that we find in order to experience and feed off new environments.

This book club is completely free, all we ask is that each member brings some nibbles to the meet-ups to keep us all going.

We know time is precious, especially when working for yourself, so becoming a member doesn’t mean you have to come to every meet-up (or any if you change your mind). This is a flexible and friendly club, so feel free to join and book meet-ups as it suits you.

Once you are a member we will send a monthly email with updates on that months itinerary, plus a link to make your booking.

Visit our BLOG for behind the scenes access into our world…

And if you think this might be of interest to you and you fancy coming along, please fill out the form in the CONTACT PAGE with your details and why you’d like to join the club… We will be in touch as soon as we can to let you know if you’re in!

*Due to limited spaces each meet-up works on a first come first serve basis, with monthly updates on our itinerary and booking information sent via email and updated on our social media sites.

*Only registered members can attend meet-ups, so each booking is non-transferable unless to another member.

*Please get in contact with us if you have any further questions…